– Renting a CamperVan –

–   In order to book your campervan, you need to pay in advance the reservation fee. It corresponds to 30% of the total rental cost. By making the reservation you accept to pay the rest of the rental cost and the deposit the day you pick-up the vehicle (the latest). The reservation fee is not refundable.

–   The deposit will be totally refunded as soon as you respect the contract and drop off the rented vehicle non damaged. A delay of maximum 5 working days may be applied. 

–  The pick-up time is fixed in advance with the agent. In case you need to change the time or the pick-up place, please contact the agent as soon as possible. Extra fees might be applied depending on the delays or the distance. The agent will inform you in advance.

     The vehicle you are renting is safe to drive. We guarantee that it is in a good condition and in a healthy state to drive.

           If you doubt or find out anything wrong with the vehicle you should tell our agent in the moment you pick it up and not longer than 30 minutes after picking it up.

          Responsibility for the vehicle is transferred to you 30 minutes after picking it up.

          During the pick-procedure pictures/videos are taken in order to declare the state of the vehicle and its accessories and the amount of fuel presented in the vehicle. You can take your own pictures or the agent can share his with you.

          We will do our utmost to ensure that you have all the necessary documents in place for your trip.

          The vehicle should be driven only by the declared driver(s) in the renting contract.

          From the moment you will agree and take the vehicle and its accessories until you return it is your responsibility:

a.       not to use the vehicle as a TAXI

b.       not to rent the vehicle to third parties

c.       not to use the vehicle to pull other vehicles

d.       not to use the vehicle for racing

e.       not to use the vehicle for illegal activities

f.        use the vehicle properly, according to the driving rules

g.       not to use the “normal vehicle” (non 4×4) off-road

h.       not to give the vehicle to unauthorized persons.

i.         not to drive the vehicle with passengers or stuff, above its capacity

j.         to respect the sleeping capacity declared during the renting process.

          In case you do not respect any of the previous, the deposit is no more returned.

–     Legal consequences resulting from your actions or omissions are your exclusive civil or criminal responsibility

          By signing this contract, you agree to travel for a maximum of 250 km/day.

          By signing this contract, you agree to always fill the vehicle with the corresponding type of fuel.


The vehicle you are driving is insured at INTERSIG company. The insurance is named: Motor Liability Insurance (TPL). Motor liability insurance is mandatory insurance for all motor vehicles used in traffic, circulating within the territory of the Republic of Albania. The Insurer assumes the civil liability of the Insured, against third parties, when he is involved in an accident and is liable for material, property and / or health damages, according to the Law “On mandatory insurance in the transport sector”.

It covers material damages caused by the vehicle, such as damage to motor vehicles, shops, houses, trees, animals, etc., with the exception of damage to the vehicle responsible for the event.


Driving outside Albania (ONLY in Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia) is possible with our vehicles in case you have signed the Cross Border Option in the contract.

a.       In order to be able to cross the border, you need to subscribe and pay in advance the Cross Border fee of 40€.

b.       There is no need for extra insurance if you drive to Kosovo

c.       You need to pay an extra insurance if you want to drive to Montenegro (15€/15 days) and North Macedonia (40€/15 days). You will pay it by your own at the border.

d.       You cannot drive with our vehicle to other countries (i.e. Greece, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria…).

If you have subscribed the PARKING INSURANCE:

          By subscribing the parking insurance (if this is the case for you), you are covered for all extra scratches made to the vehicle during the parking. All damages made to the vehicle due to an accident are not covered.

          The parking insurance includes all involuntary problems with the tires and wheels of the vehicle. 


You will respond to any contravention as below:

          You will have to pay for any damage that are not part of the insurance policy, and those are: inside cabin damage, tires damage, engine damage, damage to the chassis or under-body of the vehicle or a flooded engine, any damage of mechanical parts that will came from the use of bad fuel, any damage of the transmission box caused by you, any damage caused because you are drunk, any damage caused by explosions, fire, or inside cabin burning and any damage caused by any other driver that is not authorized to use the vehicle.

          You will have to pay all the damages/ loss made to the accessories used during your renting period (tent, kitchen, shower, bed, tables, chairs, fridge, bed, sleeping bags, pillows, sheets, cluttering…)

–       For any damage made to the vehicle or its accessories, you need to inform the agent. In case you do not inform, regardless of the cost, the entire deposit will be charged. No negotiations are possible.

          You will have to pay of any fine you received during the time you had the vehicle. In case you try to hide it from us, the triple amount of every fine you received will be asked. If you do not know, or if you do not have time to pay the fines, the agent can do this for you. A fee of extra 10€/fine is applied.

          You will have to pay the entire bill of damage in case you are part of an accident and you don’t bring the accident Police report to the agent.

          You will have to pay the entire vehicle and its accessories value in case you do a criminal offense, considered by Albanian and European legislation or in case the vehicle gets confiscated or passed in state’s hand.

       You will be charged for every payment that is not supported by the insurance.

       In case you damage the car and it is necessary to bring it to the mechanic office
for several days, we do not pay for any expenses of yours but we will replace
the vehicle with a normal small car with tent on the floor and camping
equipment. The renting cost does not change (i.e. no refund will be made).

      You will pay an extra fee of 60€, if the vehicle is dropped off not cleaned, inside
and outside. In order to prevent its damage, the cleaning of the vehicle cannot
be done manually, it needs to me made at a cleaning service. “Manual cleaning
of the vehicle” equals “vehicle not cleaned”.

–    In case the accessories are dirty (clutters, pans, gas cooker…), you will pay an
extra of 10€.

–   It is forbidden to eat in the roof tent. If the roof tent is dirty we will charge you 20€.  

          You will pay an extra fee of 0.5€/km if you pass the limit of 250 km/day.

          You will pay an extra fee of 70€ if you smoke inside the vehicle.

          You will pay an extra fee of 2€/l of fuel if you bring the vehicle back with less fuel than the amount that you picked up.

          You will pay the cost of one extra renting day if you drop the vehicle one hour later than the expected delay.

          You will pay an extra fee of 2% of the total rental cost, for each day you delay your payment due to damage or fines received during your renting period.

          Every extra driver willing to drive the vehicle should pay50€. You will pay an extra fee of 100€ in case the car was driven by the driver who is not declared in the contract.

          If you cross the border without letting us know, you will have to pay 300€.


          In case of an accident you are responsible to fulfill all the needed procedures. You will be responsible to call and notify the Police and the agent also, and take a copy of the Police report for the accident, or a copy of the decision from the insurance.

          For any problem/suggestion you have/need during your ride, please contact the agent. Your agent is always online and can help you for any difficulties.

          If you are having a car problem or if you are involved in a car accident, please stop the car, do not leave from the place you are. Call the agent and the Police.

          By contacting our agent, you can get the first help. He can show you what to do. He can help with the translation. Depending on the place you are, he can even try to support you by coming there or bringing someone to help you with the problem you are facing.